Embrace a life of purpose and restoration.

If you need a safe place for your heart to come home, look no further! This is a space where healing begins & hope is restored!

Beautiful one,

Life can be hard & challenging seasons often leave us feeling alone.  With that in mind, this space was created especially for you. This is a place, where your heart can heal and feel supported. Here, you are not alone. My desire is to link arms with you, cheer you on through the ups and downs of life, and, most importantly, remind you of the faithfulness of God in every season of life!

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Hey there, I´m Kim

I’m a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist with over 17 years of experience helping others find healing and wholeness in life.

I am passionate about empowering women to become the best version of themselves and step into who God designed them to be. We focus on helping women get “unstuck” from their pain and find the freedom to move forward. Because of that, I authentically share my powerful testimony of overcoming adversity and what it means to go from asking “why me?” to “what now?”


Hope-Giver | Jesus Worshipper | Ultimate Cheerleader

Need a Speaker for Your Next Women’s Event?

I love speaking to women that need a reminder they are not alone, that they can be restored and live a life of purpose.

what women are saying


Dorothy Enns

Co-Founder of Good Word Ministries & Women’s Bible Study Leader

“We wholeheartedly endorse Kim Haar as a speaker.

Without a doubt, she stands out as one of our most requested and cherished voices. Kim possesses a remarkable gift of wit and humor that captivates audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats. Her compelling testimony, filled with encouraging words, inspires women to rise resiliently after facing life’s challenges.”

Lisa Bain

Lisa Bain Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I can sincerely say that I have never encountered anyone as inspiring as Kim Haar.

The first time I heard her story, I was truly in awe. Since then, I have been following her closely and had the privilege of hosting her on my monthly vlog, Treasure Talks. The response to her sharing was overwhelming, reaching far and wide. Kim is genuinely authentic – she is the real deal! Kim has navigated through tragedy and transformed it into an incredible message of healing for many.”

Keepin’ It Real Podcast

We’re real life friends who discuss real life problems in a real life way. As you listen to this podcast we celebrate the good, support you through the bad and point you to a real life God who has the answers. We invite you to join us at our table, where together we’ll laugh, sometimes we’ll cry, but most importantly, our promise is to show up and do real life together! Kim Haar is a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience helping others find healing and wholeness in life. Kim Spence is all about story. Whether it’s through ghostwriting, book coaching, podcasting or legacy stories, she is all about helping others bring their story to life.

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The Possibility and Promise of “Yet!”

The Possibility and Promise of “Yet!”

“Yet!” This one simple word fell like music on my ears giving me permission to grab hold of one last glimmer of hope. It had been 5 weeks since my 73-year-old mother slipped into a coma and become unresponsive to any form of medical treatment. 7 doctors offered no...

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…just because He loves us!

…just because He loves us!

The other day, I mentioned to my husband I would be receiving a package in the mail.  I admitted it was nothing I actually needed, but instead, just really wanted and had decided to purchase on a whim.  With a loving smile, he walked over and kissed me on the cheek...

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