Writer / Speaker / Licensed Therapist

Co-Host on Network Radio

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Haar is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of There’s Hope! Counseling Services. She is also a favorite monthly radio co-host.

Most days you will find her with her favorite coffee mug in hand and Bible not too far away. Kimberly loves talking about her children and the second chance at love she was blessed with.

Kimberly enjoys sharing her personal testimony of how she moved from a place of loss and tragedy in her life to one of hope, healing and triumph! She has recently embarked on a new chapter in her life that includes writing, teaching, and speaking to women about how to not only “survive” circumstances life has brought their way, but instead, how to “thrive” in spite of them!

It is the desire of Kimberly’s heart that anyone who hears or reads her story will be encouraged to see that they too are so much more than what has happened to them!

Kimberly’s testimony is a living example that demonstrates what the enemy intended for evil, God is able to redeem and use for good!

What I Believe

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I believe that God is a good God who loves us all very much! I also believe we live in a fallen world where sometimes bad things happen to good people. This knowledge can be hard to wrap our human intellect around.

I believe that even when things happen we don’t understand, we can choose to put our trust in a heavenly Father who desires good things for us and promises to never leave or forsake us. Instead of asking the question, “Why me?” … we can learn to embrace the question, “What now?”.

 I believe in second chances and new beginnings! My own life is a testimony to this. It is my prayer that I am able to encourage others to believe God for themselves.   I truly believe the best is yet to come!



Listen to Kimberly’s amazing story of moving from a place of triumph and tragedy to a place of hope, healing, and triumph!


“This was the first time I had heard Kimberly speak.  She was awesome!  She had us laughing at times, singing along, and praying.  She is very anointed!” – S.M.


“I could listen to her all day!  Kimberly was such a breath of fresh air!” – R.H.

“Kimberly has been the most requested speaker I have had come and speak for my women’s Bible Study.  Her love and compassion for women is evident!” – D.E.

“What a breath of fresh air!  Kimberly’s testimony encouraged me at a time when I felt like giving up.  Her words of healing brought hope back to me.” – M.B.

“I had the privilege of being present when Kimberly recently taught a Bible Study.  She is a most excellent teacher of the Word of God and the hour seemed to fly by.  I left spiritually enriched and encouraged to fearlessly trust the Lord. I can’t wait to hear her again!” – K.A.

Frequently Requested Topics

One of the things holding us back from embracing the life God has for us are the disappointments and failures we continue to carry from our past. We think, “If only they knew…” and then work at burying and trying to forget those things we are not proud of. In this message, Kimberly shares how to recognize the difference between guilt and shame, understand the importance of learning how to forgive yourself while accepting God’s forgiveness, and how to get unstuck and begin moving forward by leaving your past behind.