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My mission is to come alongside women who feel stuck in heartache and inspire them to action, encourage them to rediscover joy, and embrace a life of purpose and restoration.

Invite Kimberly to speak at your next women’s event, church seminar, workshop, MOPS group, or conference. Her wit and humor, along with her down-to-earth style of speaking, make her relatable to all ages. She will have your audience laughing, sitting on the edge of their seats, sometimes breaking out into a random song, but always leaving encouraged with a message of hope for their individual circumstances. She draws on her years of professional experience and incorporates practical tools while applying the truth from God’s word.


Pastor Kimberly Behrman

Pastor Kimberly Behrman

co-pastor of New Life Church, Liberty Hill, TX

“Kim speaks with great compassion, authority, and power!”

“The uniqueness of Kimberly Haar’s speaking gift stands out among others. One reason is because of her powerful testimony regarding the healing power of Jesus Christ in her own life. Kim is well-equipped with a prolific arsenal to make you laugh, give direction, and bring you to a place of peace as she lovingly presents her message through words of hope and healing. It is my greatest honor to wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly Haar, a valuable asset to the body of Christ as she articulates a divine message of hope.”

Kim Spence

Kim Spence

Founder of Tulsa Women’s Fellowship

“Kim’s ability to blend humor with poignant messages is a rare gift that made her both enlightening and incredibly enjoyable.”

“It was our absolute privilege to have Kim speak at Tulsa Women’s Fellowship. Kim’s stories are relatable, her wisdom, profound, and she has a remarkable way of connecting with her audience, leaving us not only inspired, but also equipped with practical takeaways to apply in our own lives. Her vibrant personality and genuine passion for empowering women shine through in every word she speaks. She is a speaker who will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your audience, just as she has ours.

Saundra Bayer


“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re going through – you can relate to her teaching.”

“Kim has a gift of presenting the Word in such a way that it is easily applicable to everyday life situations. She is very anointed to teach the Word of God as well as very approachable and brings practicality to her messages.”


“What a breath of fresh air!”

“Kimberly’s testimony encouraged me at a time when I felt like giving up. Her words of healing brought hope back to me!”

Topics I Love to Share On

So Long Shame! Releasing Regrets

One of the things holding us back from embracing the life God has for us are the disappointments and failures we continue to carry from our past. We think, “If only they knew…” and then work at burying and trying to forget those things we are not proud of. In this message, Kimberly shares how to recognize the difference between guilt and shame, understand the importance of learning how to forgive yourself while accepting God’s forgiveness, and how to get unstuck and begin moving forward by leaving your past behind.

Turning your “Why Me?” into “What Now?”

Has the unexpected left you reeling and wondering “why is this happening to me?”   We all go through times in our lives when we feel life is unfair. We ask ourselves why struggles are happening to us when it seems the rest of the world is enjoying their lives filled with blessings. In this message, Kimberly shares how to bounce back from discouragement, realize you are more than what has happened to you, and make choices that will help you emerge stronger than before.

Trust, Wait, and Rest!

Have you ever tried to tell God how He should do things, what His timing should be, who He should use, and what the desired outcome should look like? In this message, Kimberly shares what it means to really “trust” the Lord, “wait patiently”, and get to a place of “confidence and rest”.

More than Enough… Just the Way You Are!

You were made to be an original! In this day and age, it is easy to find ourselves caught in the trap of comparing ourselves to others and feel like we fall short or that we are not enough just being ourselves. We measure our worth by the approval of others and then beat ourselves up when we fall short of expectations that are unrealistic. In this message, Kimberly shares how to embrace the person God has called you to be and walk confidently in the gifts and talents He has placed inside of you.

Make it Unique!

If you have a specific topic you’d like me to speak on, please feel free to make that request. We can discuss your event and base the topic on your unique event and audience.

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