About Kimberly

By trade, Kimberly Haar is a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience helping others find healing and wholeness in life. Kimberly is also a featured guest co-host on Network Radio and has recently embarked on a new chapter in her life that includes writing, teaching, and speaking to women about how to not only “survive” circumstances life has brought their way, but instead, how to “thrive” in spite of them!

From a very early age, Kimberly always knew she wanted to help others find hope, healing, and laughter! Through her courageously authentic and transparent messages laced with wit and humor, Kimberly helps women learn to:

  • Bounce back from discouragement and realize they are more than what has happened to them
  • Emerge stronger than before by changing their questions of “why me?” to “what now?”
  • Find peace by understanding the importance of forgiving self and others for past mistakes while learning to accept God’s forgiveness
  • Shake off shame and move forward by leaving the past behind
  • Recognize how to really “trust” the Lord, “wait patiently”, and get to a place of “confidence and rest”
  • Embrace the woman God has called them to be and break free of the lies of comparison

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kimberly’s greatest joys are found in her roles of wife, mother, and follower of Jesus!

On a more personal note, Kimberly shares:

I love Jesus with all my heart! He has been so faithful to me, loved me in my hardest times when I have been unlovable, and He has proved over and over again that He will never leave me or forsake me. He is the one on whom my whole life depends. It is my desire that everything I say and do brings glory and honor to Him!

I love family. I have been blessed with four of the world’s most amazing children, two son-in-laws, and most recently, three step-children. Together with my husband, Andrew, we are learning how to blend our family by appreciating the uniqueness and individuality each member of our family brings. (It is definitely never boring at our house!) Within the past year, we also added “Rae”, our rescue dog, to the Haar family.

I love the written word. I enjoy wandering into bookstores and thumbing through book after book in search of the “perfect read”. It is an added bonus to find a pretty journal that calls out my name and somehow finds its way into my bag of purchases. I developed my love of reading from my dad who would always tell me that “Readers…are Leaders!”

I love pens. (The ones that write well and smoothly flow on the page when you sign your name.) It is my belief one can never have too many pens or reading glasses… (just look in the bottom of my purse!)

I love coffee mugs. This is my secret addiction. Each morning, you can find me rifling through my cupboard for “just the right mug” to help start my day out right.

I love bread. (…me and Oprah!) Fresh bread and warm butter make the world a happier place!

and lastly…. I love people! I love to share the message that we are all more than the experiences we have gone through in life. I have learned first-hand that even in the face of victimization, we have a choice to make. We can allow the hard times we go through to label us a “victim” or we can choose to rise above them and come out “victorious”!

It is my desire to InspireMotivate, and Challenge women to grow in their personal walk with the Lord while encouraging them to “Dare to Believe!”

Frequently Requested Topics

One of the things holding us back from embracing the life God has for us are the disappointments and failures we continue to carry from our past. We think, “If only they knew…” and then work at burying and trying to forget those things we are not proud of. In this message, Kimberly shares how to recognize the difference between guilt and shame, understand the importance of learning how to forgive yourself while accepting God’s forgiveness, and how to get unstuck and begin moving forward by leaving your past behind.